Land shipping company from Emirates

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The Most Important Characteristic Of Our Land Freight Service From The UAE
A fleet of various trucks helps to transport all goods and materials with ease, wherever you are.
Follow safe methods to maintain the safety of goods, cars, and shipments throughout the shipping process and their proper arrival.
Careful examination and inspection of goods and cars before carrying out the land freight process, and an explanation of shipping operations and the required documents.
Diversity in land shipping methods for goods, such as full freight, partial freight, or cubic meters, which gives flexibility in the shipping process.
Providing competitive prices to ensure customer confidence and transparency by clarifying all shipping expenses.
Providing distinguished services in the field of refrigerated shipping of foodstuffs through refrigerated trucks (refrigerators)
ZOLCOL provides a service of consolidating shipments and temporary storage in Dubai.
Professional services in shipping cars from the UAE via land freight back and forth.
Experience in shipping boats and yachts by land from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.
Long experience in customs clearance operations across land borders.
Professional service in shipping furniture from the UAE through special trucks.
Contracts for factories and companies for commercial land freight from the UAE and vice versa.
Providing insurance service against road hazards during the shipping period as desired by the customer.
Preparing the documents required for shipment and customs clearance.
Shipping of mega projects, heavy machinery, bridges, prefabricated buildings, cement blocks and steel installations.